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When one is looking to experience the real African Safari, these days they can be spoilt for choice. From the normal fly-in Safaris to Birding Safaris, and even Cultural Safaris where tourists can interact with the local communities - but the most exciting way to experience the real Africa is an Adventure Safari. Adventure Safaris in Botswana are not at all an extreme kind of adventure; they can range from exploring some of the most fantastic tourist areas on foot, on Mokoro and as well on bicycles in some areas of the country. The Booking Company invites all the adrenaline Junkies out there to browse this section of the website and find what we have on offer in the way of Adventure Safaris... imagine walking in the middle of the lion and elephant infested Linyanti reserve or the Okavango Delta!

Four Nights with the Kalahari Bushmen

This safari explores the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.Arrive by plane at midday and transfer to a remote campsite deep in the ancestral gathering lands of the Zu/’hoasi bushmen.
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Footsteps Across the Delta

This safari explores unique area of the Okavango Delta. Three nights Okavango Delta, bird watching activities, nature walks mokoro excursions, Excellent for family groups.

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