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When planning your Botswana safari, do not forget to pack your camera. . . .

If you are serious about your wildlife photography, it may be worth your while to book a private vehicle whilst on your safari. This gives you the freedom to sit with any game you may like to photograph at your leisure,without other guests wanting to move on to something new. You may also consider booking camps in concession areas where the vehicles are allowed to go off-road to get you up close to a good sighting. These camps are also allowed to do night drives, which will give you the opportunity for some nocturnal wildlife photography.

The choice of camera equipment and film will determine the quality of your photographs of the trip. For great wildlife photography of birds and animals, a good SLR camera and telephoto lens is necessary. The minimum recommended size is 200mm and a zoom lens can be extremely useful. The slower film, 100ASA is generally on sale in the curio shops, but if you are using different speed film, it is recommended that you bring your own. Also please bring a spare camera battery.

For video cameras, it is possible to recharge batteries at all the camps but it is wise to bring your own adapters as Botswana works on the 220v system. Do bring a spare video battery, as most recharging will be done during the day whilst you are out on game excursions. The camps/lodges all have generated power that runs during the day, recharging solar batteries, fridges, freezers etc. and are switched off at night. Please also remember to bring your own binoculars.

Pack lots of film or memory cards - Botswana is an once-in-a-lifetime destination. If you're going digital, be sure to bring a battery charger with an adapter for the local electrical outlets, and plenty of memory cards (a one-gigabyte card holds about 300 photos). Bring at least two cameras - if you lose one camera, you'll have a backup. To protect your equipment, be sure to store in plastic bags. (Ziploc bags).

A flash is important as night drives can offer some amazing photos, because that is when many of the large predators are most active. Research Botswana’s culture, history, environment, and geography before you depart. The better you understand a subject, the better you will be able to capture it on film. Understand and respect cultures as not all Africans want their pictures taken. Always ask their permission before you shoot.

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