Feline Fields

Feline Fields – Luxury Kalahari

Feline Fields is situated on the edge of a wooded island deep in the Kalahari Desert.  This innovative lodge celebrates the peace, space, and light which flows throughout this vast area with a design inspired by the simplicity of the Kalahari, an inviting oasis.  Perfect for honeymoon safaris.

Activities at the lodge explore the Kalahari Desert in which it is possible to see a wide variety of species, from leopard and elephant to packs of the extremely rare wild dogs as well as specially adapted species such as gemsbok and eland.

The Gcwihaba Caves, a proposed World Heritage site, are in close proximity and can be visited from Feline Fields and guests can explore the labyrinth of caverns and linked passages with fascinating stalactite and stalagmite formations as well as experience the unique ecosystem which surround the caves.

In collaboration with local communities, Bushman conduct bush walks explaining traditional foods, medicine and culture. 

The lodge is equipped with a 25m lap pool, bush gym including elliptical, home trainer and weights and a unique clay tennis court constructed from a termite mound.

Riding safaris are also offered.