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Desert & Delta 6 night Rhino Package
Honestly the best value for money in Botswana - combine Leroo La Tau with any other two fine Desert & Delta properties. Not only will you have a diverse and spectacular Botswana safari, but you will, through Desert & Delta Safaris, be contributing to The Botswana Rhino Project, an initiative created to facilitate the release of rhinos into the wild and halt the poaching.


Why a Botswana safari?

With more than 17% of the country allocated to protected wildlife areas, and a government policy of low impact tourism, Botswana is rightly regarded as one of the best African safari destinations.

Botswana's Okavango Delta has to be Africa's most incredible wildlife and wilderness sanctuary, and is the most popular Botswana safari destination. What makes Botswana's Okavango Delta most remarkable is that it is a wetland paradise located within the arid Kalahari Desert. Each year floodwater flows into the Okavango from its source in the Angolan Highlands over 1000 km away. These floodwaters create a unique wetland that supports and sustains a huge diversity of wildlife. Apart from the beauty of the wetland habitat, game viewing is excellent throughout the entire year.

A Botswana safari would not be complete without visiting the Chobe National Park, in the North West, which is the second largest National Park in Botswana and has one of the greatest concentrations of game found on the African continent. Its uniqueness in the abundance of wildlife and the true African nature of the region, offers a Botswana safari experience of a lifetime.

The Kalahari is not in itself a true desert. Whilst rain is unpredictable and the area is prone to extended periods of drought, the average rainfall for the Kalahari area is still greater than 10 inches a year. In the northern Kalahari there are no rolling red dunes, just vast open spaces, short acacia scrub, and animals that are well adapted for living in a hot, dry place. There are three major attractions in the Kalahari - the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR), the Magkadigkadi Pans National Park, and Nxai Pan National Park. These areas will add a surreal touch to your Botswana safari.

Botswana is a land of contrasts, of desert and delta, rich in wildlife and culture. Huge herds of game roam unrestricted in their natural habitats. Botswana safari lodges are mostly small and exclusive and, especially if you are in a private concession area, it is unlikely you will run in to other visitors. Wild and untamed, a Botswana safari will satisfy the most adventurous of souls, whether you choose a luxury tented camp or a mobile safari.

Why The Booking Company?

For many years, with passion, The Booking Company has played an active role in the way in which travellers exerience Botswana. We are an established tour operator company within Botswana, situated in Maun, the gateway to the Okavango Delta; on the ground, where it all happens.

Experts on Botswana safari destinations

Whatever information and assistance you require, The Booking Company is here to help you. From lodges, hotels or safari camps to tailor-made packages focusing on family, mobile, honeymoon or birding safaris, let your safari experts assist you in creating the perfect Botswana safari.